On the way to our customers

Internal logistics and DDK-LED owned transport vehicles allow prompt and flexible delivery to your place of business.

Energy class A+

All DDK-LED luminaires meet energy class A+ rating according to EU directives n. 874/2012 and bear the energy label.


We use high quality instruments to measure the lux while conducting DDK-LED audit. These instruments are also used in control procedures of all our luminaires before installation and delivery to the customer.
The UPRTEK spectrometer, type MK350S, guarantees accurate input and output results for our lighting projects.

DDK-LED brings you daylight

We specialize in the overall modernization of your lighting systems using the innovative LED technology that delivers cost reduction and effectiveness to your solution. Our expertise comes from years of close cooperation and specialized training from our suppliers and business partners around the world.

We are specialists in optimized energy-saving lighting systems for your company

Flexibility, 100% financing, high quality products & services are the key to our successful projects.


Energy Costs Reduction

LED technology reduces your costs by 50-70% and lowers your ecological footprint. We make your lighting system more effective, you invest the savings and let your business grow.


You pay for your optimized LED lighting system in the amount of your energy cost savings generated by the modernization at the end of each year. You start using it today and your project can be paid off in less than 5 years.

5 Year Guarantee

Whatever happens to our LED modules during this time, we will fix or replace them for you. With each of our products you get the security of a full 5 year guarantee.

Full Support

DDK-LED Technology Services provides full support during the whole project – from energy efficiency audit at the beginning, project proposal and installation all the way to maintenance.

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