We assess the energy efficiency of your current lighting system and prepare a customized solution. Our energy audits include the calculation of your future savings from the energy costs reduction.

cost breakdown

If you can find a service provider that will deliver or install our LED lighting system for a better price, we are open to remove that particular cost from our list. We have an open business policy – you get a document with all calculations of expected costs for your project.

lighting project

We will prepare a lighting project for you which is an integral part of every new and refurbished building. Lighting is the subject to assessment of technical standards and regulations in force. When preparing the draft, we take into account the overall situation of the building, the local environment, internal layout, external geometry of the structure and functions of internal space.

Customized Solutions

Each new project is assessed individually and the best combination of LED modules is proposed. Learn about the optimal number and type of LED luminaires for your daily operations.


The modernization is financed from the cost savings generated by the installation of a more efficient LED lighting system that reduces your electricity consumption by 50-70%.
Our DDK-LED Technology Services audit will calculate the total savings that will be generated by energy cost reduction and gives you the estimate when to expect the return of investment. On the average, your new LED modules are paid off within the next 3-5 years.

You will be contacted by our technician within 24 hours from ordering the audit. Save up on energy today.
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