• Longer operating life time

    The operating lifetime of LED luminaires is 10 or more years depending on the use. With tested life of 50 000 hours, they significantly reduce any need for maintenance for a long period. On the average, if they are used 12 hours a day, they are bound to last 12 years.

  • Lower energy consumption

    Modernize your space and reduce your annual electricity consumption by 50-70%. LED lighting systems don’t produce any extra heat reducing the load on the air-conditioning systems by 5 to 15%. Also, LED modules are 50% more energy efficient in converting electrical energy into light, compared with standard light bulbs which are only 3% efficient.

  • Operational savings

    LED diodes deliver 100% light from the start. The operating life time of LED modules does not depend on the number of their switching cycles. On the contrary, they are 10 times more efficient than classic light bulbs. There is no premature light loss with their frequent on/off use.

  • Environmentally friendly

    LED technology cuts your CO2 emissions by 50% when compared to standard technologies. LED modules are recyclable, they do not produce UV light and do not contain mercury or other heavy metals. It’s time to reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Same optical parameters as daylight

    The future of the light is the innovative LED technology. It has the same optical parameters as daylight (thermal color of 5600 K) and produces evenly distributed and pleasant light suitable for offices, manufacturing facilities, street lights or stadiums.

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